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The Golden Rule Isn’t Always Enough

Just as we all agree that we should drive carefully, defensively and alertly, we embrace basic principles of how to deal with one another. Many religious leaders, philosophers and sages have pronounced a Golden Rule of Love—we should treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated. Misunderstandings still arise because not everyone wants to be treated the same way in a given situation.

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Forgiveness and Reconcilliation

I had to share this story from “The Good News Network. It concerns a young American, Amy Biehl, who went to South Africa toward the end of the anti-apartheid movement and joined with black citizens to improve conditions in the townships. Amy was mistaken for a “privileged white settler” and killed by some young men, geared up from a rally they’d just attended. Amy’s parents’ give us a wonderful example of how they helped themselves heal and enriched their own lives, by forgiving others.

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Good News X 3

As you all may have noticed, I haven’t posted to my blog in awhile. But I haven’t been idle! I’ve been laying the groundwork for some new things I know you’ll like. 1. I’ve got a new book project in the works. 2. I’ll be posting free excerpts from my existing books to this blog. 3. I’ve found a fix for those who’ve recently had problems with new-post-notice emails. Please read more to learn why you’ll love these changes.

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Persuading the Contrary Mind

I’m an owl, not a lark. I like to stay up late and get up correspondingly late. But recently, I’ve tried to shift to a slightly earlier schedule. Yet, I’ve done just the reverse–stay up even later. Here’s how I applied persuasion skills to my own contrary mind.

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Contagious Kindness

[W]e know that it isn’t selfish to be kind to ourselves. As I’ve written before, it’s like being on a plane when the oxygen masks drop. You put on your own mask first. You can’t help your seatmate if you’re unconscious…Lately, however, I’ve been more than kind to myself. I have indulged myself…But I’ve come to see that what I did for myself enabled me to do an even better job at kindness.

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My Interview by Catherine Onyemelukwe

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by author & activist Catherine Onyemelukwe. We talked about my professional journey, my current work, and especially about my book, Love on the Rocks with a Twist…Catherine has published the interview on her own blog. You can read it all at once, or better, in segments along with Catherine’s other fascinating topics.

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Spring Cleaning Your Language

Back in the day, spring was a time to thoroughly clean one’s house, doing things we don’t do routinely, like washing windows, cleaning pantry shelves, dusting baseboards, or clearing out the fridge…I suggest we clean up our language—whether spoken or head talk. I don’t mean banning four letter words, but rather, changing self-defeating terms to empowering terms.

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The Second Magic Question

I’ve written a lot about the First Magic Question, “Why?” in my books Bridges to Consensus and Love on the Rocks with a Twist  and in this blog. I’ve also written quite a bit about the Third Magic Question, “How do we want to feel?” I write least about The Second Magic Question, but it’s a wonderful question, “What else do we want?”

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Planting Seeds on Common Ground

When you find an interest that both parties share, that’s a gift, a gift of common ground, a great place to begin discussion. And when you do, follow the Silver Rule…
A real life example: When the “bathroom bill” was in committee in the Texas Senate, I heard an idea that would interest both Democrats and Republicans. I phoned the committee members’ offices.

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People Say….

A Go-To Reference & Entertaining Read in One Book: Delightful fiction, indeed! Each of the stories is a standalone pleasure. I especially enjoyed the …
Amazon Review of Love on the Rocks with a Twist