Case-Specific Consulting

Training is fun and a cost-effective way to learn persuasion, consensus-building and related communication skills you can apply to many different situations.

But what if a situation arises before you can complete a course?  What if your issues are unique and complex? What if there are questions you can’t ask in a group?  Case-specific consulting is the answer.

Leaders especially value the ability to address urgent matters in a timely manner, at their convenience, and with all the privacy and confidentiality they desire.

Working one-on-one with Margaret, you can:

  • Focus on your own real-life situations, not just hypotheticals
  • Concentrate on those skills you need most for a given situation
  • Choose the date, time and location of each session
  • Set session length to suit you
  • Practice for important conversations, interactions and presentations before they occur.

To schedule a session, or to learn more about consulting, please contact us at

People Say….

[Margaret is] kind, caring, patient, and always well-prepared and knowledgeable.
Student evaluation from Rice University's Glasscock School of Continuing Studies