The Persuasion Coach Approach

You can learn to communicate persuasively while also building relationships. You can get more of what you seek from others without depriving them, and often, without either party having to compromise.

Does that surprise you? For some people, the very word “persuasion” triggers visions of manipulation or taking unfair advantage. But nothing could be further from the truth. The most persuasive communication is also the kind of communication that builds consensus and minimizes the need for compromise.

Margaret’s instructional philosophy and materials stand out from other people-skills approaches:

    • An award-winning writer of both non-fiction and fiction, Margaret prides herself on creating realistic, detailed fact scenarios, situations you can identify with. They provide hands-on exercises for both training and consulting, and serve as examples in her books. You come away better equipped to handle real life issues.
    • Margaret customizes fact scenarios and other materials to suit each client’s needs.
    • People love the way Margaret melds material on cultural and temperamental differences with persuasion, consensus and communication skills. Intra-national cultural factors, such as region and gender, are particularly tricky because most folks don’t even think of them as cultural differences. What a relief when you discover that you didn’t really have a conflict. You and another person simply had different understandings of the same words or circumstances.

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