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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any news, largely because I’ve spent upwards of a year working full time on a new book. The Man in the Mirror–an Independent Spirit in a Regimented World is a the true story of my dad’s experiences in the US Navy in World War II. At first blush, it might seem like a departure from my previous books, which cover aspects of the communication skills I teach–that is until you learn that Dad instinctively practiced some of these very skills.

When dealing with a difficult situation, Dad looked around for resources that might help him just as we do when attempting to reach agreement with someone. In dealing with others, he thought before he spoke and kept his voice low and respectful.

 A Heartwarming Story

An uncommon man with an uncommon life aboard an uncommon ship, USS Vestal, Willie (Dad) was running his own successful business when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941. Though concerned about how his business would fare in his absence, Willie applied for admission to the US Navy the very next day.

He knew the regimentation of military life would run against his nature. Yet, my resilient dad persevered, creatively applying his unique skills and talents to make his life on a Navy service ship stand out. He proved to himself and to others that those peacetime talents were also valuable in war. He could call the Man he saw in the mirror every morning a friend.

A Model Parent

The tales Dad later brought home to my siblings and me did not feature many battles, but rather, unique experiences. He had a brush with death, not in war, but in boot camp. Natives serenaded him with a tune from home on every Pacific island he visited. He helped save another man’s life while on Shore Patrol duty. He stowed away on an Army plane. He made friends with a future Pulitzer Prize winner. And more.

Learn More and Please Give Feedback

You can read a large excerpt and view the pictorial Appendix on the book’s Amazon page. It’s available in both print and Kindle editions. I’d love to have your impressions after you’ve read the book.

Amazon Ratings and Reviews Are Easy

The best way to give me feedback is to write a simple Amazon review, which can be just a few sentences. From the book’s Amazon page, where you buy the book, scroll way way down until you see, “Review this product,” in the lower left.

However, I welcome your feedback no matter how you choose to deliver it.

Presentation & Book Signing

You are invited to my presentation on “Greed, Envy and Consensus Building,” August 6, 10:00 AM.

Afterward, I will be signing all three of my published books:

  • Women Can Renew the World IF…and So Can You
  • Bridges to Consensus
  • Love on The Rocks with a Twist–Delightful Fiction with Lessons on Dealing with Others

Visitors will be welcome to attend either in person:

Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church
1900 Bering Drive (upstairs)

Or by

See you there!

Save the Date – Aug. 6

I am pleased to report that I have been invited back to Emerson Church to teach another adult education class on August 6, 10:00 AM: “Greed, Envy and Consensus Building.”

Visitors will be welcome to attend either in person:

Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church
1900 Bering Drive (upstairs)

Or by

I hope to see you there!


Live or Zoom Presentation

Sunday May 21, 10:00-10:50 AM, I will be teaching a class based on my book, Women Can Renew the World IF…and So Can You. Visitors are welcome to attend in person or via Zoom.

This will not be straight lecture, but rather, more similar to the way I teach my training classes, interacting with attendees and demonstrating, with a helper, conversations using the skills I teach.
Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church
1900 Bering Drive (upstairs)

I hope to see you there!


Women’s History Month Sale

In honor of women’s history month, Women Can Renew the World IF…and So Can You is marked down to $12.75 throughout March 2023, in both print and Kindle editions. 

“Women’s issues” don’t just affect women. This book will show you how today’s women can make history by improving the lives of entire societies. You will learn how to discuss sensitive issues like this in a persuasive, bridge-building manor.

Now is a great time to save if you have not yet read the book. If you have, how about gifting it to a friend or relative?

Valentine’s Special

Looking for a great deal on a unique Valentines gift? You and your sweetie can enjoy delightful fiction while also learning something about persuasive communication skills. Both print and Kindle editions of Love on the Rocks with a Twist–Delightful Fiction with Lessons on Dealing with Others are marked down Jan. 27 through Feb. 15. Click here for more details.

Please note: for the Kindle edition, if you are not enrolled in KDP select, look in the fine print below $0 for KDP select, and click on $5.25 to purchase.


Book Talks & Signings

How about some new inspiration for the new year? Do you have a club or organization, or even an informal group of friends or neighbors, that would like me to give a talk based on one of my books? Choose from Women Can Renew the World IF… and So Can You or Love on the Rocks with a Twist–Delightful Fiction with Lessons on Dealing with Others.

I can speak in person or virtually, depending on the location and other details. If I do a book signing after the talk, I will sell the books at a special discount for the group. Please contact me by email, phone (not text) or the contact page of my website for more information.

New Years Wishes

I wish you all the happiest of New Years in 2023 and offer a suggestion that might make your year more satisfying.

 Many years ago, a federal judge of my acquaintance told me that, that’s right there rather than making New Year’s resolutions, she chose a theme for the coming year each January. I love this idea because, all too often, resolutions arise from negatives, and thus, squelch enthusiasm.

 I’m not so sure I really believe in astrology, but I do like to read Rob Breszny’s “Free Will Horoscope” every week in the Good News Network e-zine. [1] His message might be something like, “In the coming weeks, you might find it helpful to connect with old friends.”

This week, his suggestion for me is that integrity and generosity might bring me greater success. I liked those ideas so much that I made them my new years theme. I already got a chance to practice them.

Not wanting to drive in the peak of the recent “arctic  blast,” we postponed our Christmas get-together—made like Brits and had a Boxing Day. Although Dec. 26 was a designated holiday, the traffic in my long drive across a big city was at least as bad as on an ordinary weekday—worse around shopping centers, I became impatient with everything and everyone that further delayed me. Thinking Don’t let it get to you only fanned the fire of my aggravation.

That’s how negative motivations work. To appreciate this, don’t think of an apple. What popped into your mind? An apple, right? Now, think of an orange. The orange prevented you from thinking about the apple.

So I was grumpily driving along when I remembered my theme of generosity. I chose to have generosity of spirit toward things and people who delayed me. Thinking I am generous led me to understandable reasons why people might drive the way they did. It was an uplifting experience. It wiped out my aggravation, so I continued driving with the happy expectation of seeing my family.

My Integrity theme helped me resolve a dilemma about whether or not to wear my mask at the gathering. I didn’t like what I imagined others might think of me if I wore the mask. But if I left off the mask for that reason, I would feel even worse about what I thought of myself. Considering Integrity, made it was clear to me that wearing the mask was the best choice.

I wish you all a theme that will bring you joy in the coming year.




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