At long last, my “pandemic project” is complete. The new book, Women Can Renew the World If… and So Can You is published and available on Amazon:

Brief Description

Many women naturally practice, or easily learn, skills for productively discussing touchy topics such as sexual harassment. Women can model these skills for others. Women can renew the world If  they have improved status and visibility. You, too, can learn these skills and use them to offset factors, such as implicit bias and workplace abuse, that suppress women themselves as well as their best gifts to society. You, too, can model the skills for others and apply them to touchy topics, from serious social issues to your neighbor’s naughty dog. You, too, can help renew the world. Best of all—it’s easier than you think.

Praise for Women Can Renew the World If… and So Can You

Women Can Renew the World If… is very much needed in today’s world. Margaret Anderson, takes complicated gender dynamics and breaks them down into easily understandable terms, using relatable examples, case studies, and dialogues to illustrate her points. People of all genders and all backgrounds can learn how they can help women to renew the world.”

– Jessica Coleman, self-development educator and author


Many people learn best from material that includes practical examples. Each chapter of the book includes a “How To” section containing one or more examples, some taken from real life. The How To sections also include exercises that allow you to practice world-renewing productive discussion skills in small doses, beginning with simple topics that are not highly controversial and building up to touchier topics, such as workplace abuse.

The last chapter provides organized self-study plans. Work through these plans, and you are on your way to productive discussions that can change your life as they changed mine.

I gratefully acknowledge people whose real life words or actions provided me with good examples:

  • Hara Estroff Marano
  • Sec. St. Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Rebecca Heiss, PhD
  • The Rev. Dan Furmansky
  • Pres. George W. Bush
  • The late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Angie Drobnic Holan
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Sir Ian McKellen, CH CBE
  • Pres. Barack Obama

The Road to Women Can Renew the World If… and So Can You

Almost from the time that I reinvented myself as The Persuasion Coach, I have longed to write about this topic. I decided to first publish some other books to build my reputation and readership. Those books are Bridges to Consensus and Love on the Rocks with a Twist–Delightful Fiction with Lessons on Dealing with Others. A number of years ago, I also began blogging for the same purpose. I have been encouraged by the reception of these earlier works.

I had started this book before 2020, but was sort of picking away at it in small sessions and not nearly every day. There always seemed to be so many other things to do. During the pandemic, I have stayed home as much as possible. I didn’t mind this as much as a lot of people because it gave me the time to work steadily on my book for the last 2+ years. Also, having this project, so close to my heart and part of a long range plan, helped keep me sane, healthy and relatively content while staying home so much.

The manuscript was basically complete many months ago, but that is never the end of the story of producing a book. My next step was to get other writers to critique the book. Their feedback was immensely helpful and helped me improve my work.

Over the next several months, I worked with Artist John Bockelman, who created the eye-catching cover, and with Jay Jackson to design a beautiful interior and put it into the right format for publication. 

What’s Next

I am currently studying and assessing different ways of marketing and promoting this book to find the ones that work best for me and will give me the most for my investment. I hope to draw speaking engagements and interviews.

Meanwhile, I’m looking into what would be involved in making an audiobook. If I do, that would probably take quite a few months to actually accomplish. So if you learn well by reading, I suggest you get the print or Kindle edition currently available. These editions also make it easier for you to do the How To exercises even if I eventually make an audiobook. A great learning technique would be to read and work through the print or Kindle book, then, listen to an audiobook to reinforce what you’ve read.

Reviews and Other Feedback

As you know, I always like feedback, and I want it for Women Can Renew the World If… and So Can You. Amazon reviews are especially helpful, for many reasons. And they don’t have to be great five star reviews. Every review helps. Feedback sent directly to me is also welcome.

I am so looking forward to learning how you like my latest work!