I’m getting more and more excited about my new Distance Learning for Individuals. As I embellish my training materials, I am also preparing a new look and feel for how my backdrop and I will appear during video training sessions–a new setting for my new kind of service.

Want to Help me Choose Eyeglasses?

Until now, the style of my computer glasses didn’t matter because other people rarely see me wearing them–only in the occasional FaceTime conversation. Everyone, including the optician from whom I buy my glasses, thinks I look better in my everyday frames than in the computer frames. I love my “everydays “and have had them refilled with new prescriptions many times for at least 10 years.

However, one’s face, when seen in person or in a mirror, can look very different than in a computer camera. Plus, my own face looked very different when I viewed myself in the recent virtual panel discussion, compared to looking at myself with my own computer camera. In one recent video conference, the other party said she thought I look better in my current computer glasses then in my everydays

Although the frames for my every day glasses are no longer made, my wonderful optician was able to find me a pair, only in a different color from my everydays. Now, I would like a few volunteers to have FaceTime conversations and give feedback while I switch between my current computer glasses and the (currently empty) frames in the same style as my everydays. Please contact me if you’d like to help.

My Training Setting

I rearranged some furniture in my office so that, if I’m sitting at my desk, I will have a nice backdrop for distance training and other video conferencing. I moved a beautiful cherrywood piece–originally a stereo cabinet, then, a buffet–Into the office and got a lovely, deep red brocade runner to place on it.

You all may recall that, in my post “Turning Straw into Gold–or Bad Ideas into Good,” I featured the painting by Chris Rogers that inspired that post, including a photo of the painting as the featured image.

As luck would have it, Chris just reduced the prices of all the art on her website to 50% of the listed prices. I found just the right one to hang above my background cabinet, Three Twenty-Five. It’s the featured image for this post.

I couldn’t resist purchasing another of Chris’s paintings, one I’ve had my eye on for some time–Life in the Marshes.

A Boost for All

I’m sure my lovely new background will enhance the training experience for my clients, and for me as well. Contact me if you’d like to be one of those clients.

And don’t forget to let me know if you want to weigh in on my choice of new computer glasses!