My recent success participating in a virtual panel discussion has led to something much more exciting: new virtual training courses for individuals. These courses will focus on persuasion, consensus building, and related communication skills.

Advantages for Trainees

In the past, I have always required clients and trainees to meet with me in person. Only in person can the client and I fully pick up on the facial expressions, body language, and subtle vibes which are so important to good communication. And that’s what our work is about, after all, improving interpersonal communications.

Now, however, meeting in person would mean both the client and I wear masks, concealing large portions of our faces. So virtual meetings have become the better way for us to communicate.

Trainees no longer have to live close enough to meet with me in person. Now, I can train anyone anywhere in the world to get more of what they seek without depriving others.

The trainee won’t need to share lesson time with a whole classroom full of people. Rather, I can give an individual my undivided, personalized attention.

Benefits for Me Also Benefit the Trainee

I won’t have to take time to travel to and from a classroom location. I can work more comfortably, sitting down, not projecting my voice across a room, so I’ll need only negligible time to recharge my mental and physical batteries after a session.

All of these things will allow me to do more work per month. Thus, I can offer individual training for about the same price each student paid to take my former courses at Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

About the Courses

I plan to begin with three course offerings for individuals:

  • Persuasion Primer
  • Consensus Building 201
  • Navigating Communication Disconnects You Never Knew You Had

The various courses will be based on different texts–some of my own books and some by other authors.

Each course will utilize interactive documents for exercises in preparing for a consensus-seeking conversation. I will be able to speak to the trainee and view the exercise in real time and/or afterward, and even contribute to the exercise along with the trainee. After the trainee has completed the preparation exercises, I will personally partner them in (virtually) face-to-face practice conversations, then, offer extensive individual feedback and suggestions.

Now Is the Time

During this challenging time of COVID-19, some of us are working at home or from home regularly. Others may be at home but unable to work at all because of business closures or reduced capacities. But  all of us are probably at home more these days. Life has lost some of its interest and excitement.

Many of us are concerned about COVID 19 per se, and also about its offshoots. What will happen to the economy? What will happen to my savings And investments? How long will this last? Will life ever feel normal again?

Distracted by these concerns, we might find it all the more difficult to get along with coworkers, neighbors, and family members. We might feel less patient, more easily irritated than usual. We might find ourselves snapping at people more often. Your concerns might make you a little more nervous in job interviews, for example. The skills you learn in an individual training course will help you ramp down these counterproductive reactions–your own as well as those of the person you’re dealing with.

This is a perfect time to invest some time in skills that will improve your career as well as your personal life. I teach the skills that changed my life, and they can change yours, too.

Learn More

We are eager to answer your questions and provide more information. Visit the Training page of this site, or contact Margaret directly through the contact form.

Please share news of this new opportunity with your friends and acquaintances.