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Free Short Story: “Peaches”

Many, many thanks for your patience with my infrequent blog posting lately. I think you’ll approve of the reasons, however. One is that we’re working on a wonderful new web site. I can’t wait to show it off. The other is that I’m on a roll with my third book, Talking...

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Fortunate Flu?

OK, maybe “fortunate” is too strong a word. I would rather not repeat this experience, thank you very much. But most of you know I believe a positive attitude—not starry-eyed naïveté, but realistically positive attitude—helps us in every kind of human endeavor,...

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Your Opinions Please

When I first crafted a slogan for my consensus-building and communication services, I tried it out on a man I’ll call “Jack,” whom I met at church.  The slogan, which had been clicking with my corporate and professional clients, was, “Get what you want from others,...

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Faith Restored

Several days ago, I was driving at about 50 mph. All of a sudden, when I pushed on the accelerator, I found I was going slower, not faster, and the car was mighty quiet. The engine wasn’t running!…I have to buy a new fuel pump, to the tune of some $900+. But I wouldn’t undo that break down and aftermath if I could.

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Unbelievably Magical

My slogan is, “Get more of what you need from others, while building bridges, not burning them.” The most magical aspect of the consensus building system I teach also happens to be the most difficult for people to believe. Building consensus without burning bridges need not mean compromise. It does not mean giving in to the other person in order to keep the peace. You can actually get more of what you want while also building bridges, not burning them. Here’s an example from my book Love on the Rocks with a Twist–Delightful Fiction with Lessons on Dealing with Others.

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People Say….

Margaret Anderson’s presentation takes the wisdom of Ben Franklin’s stated virtue: “Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself” into the realm …
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