I recently had the honor of being interviewed by author & activist Catherine Onyemelukwe. We talked about my professional journey, my current work, and especially about my book, Love on the Rocks with a Twist. Catherine has now published the entire interview on this special page of her own blog.

But I recommend that you read the interview in the way Catherine originally posted it–in segments at the ends of four of her regular posts: Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. Catherine includes several topics in each of her posts. As you make your down each post to the respective interview segment, you’ll find fascinating discussions about the Igbo culture of Nigeria, current events, and Catherine’s activism and other endeavors.

You’ll also enjoy Catherine’s page-turner memoire Nigeria Revisited—My Life and Loves Abroadabout how, after a stint in the Peace Corps, she married an Igbo man and stayed in Nigeria twenty-four years. Now based in the U.S., Catherine serves on the U.S. Committee for UN Women. You can read Catherine’s answers to some of my own questions about her life and work here.

Whether you read my interview part-by-part or on the full-interview page, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.