Friends, I’ll be getting my second cataract fixed soon. Between catching up on laundry and shopping to tide me over when I can’t lift or bend, the down time for the surgery itself, and the blurry aftermath, my computer time will be pretty scant for awhile.

Still, I wanted to offer you all something short but meaningful, and was all set to post several of my favorite quotes, when I came across two wonderfully uplifting news items.

First story: When Vickie Williams-Tillman noticed two men struggling at the side of a Louisiana road, she pulled over. She saw that the man being attacked was a police officer. The attacker had taken the officer’s baton and was beating him over the head.

Ms. Williams-Tillman first called for more police, then, jumped on the attacker’s back just as he was trying to get the officer’s sidearm. Her heroic action may have saved the officer’s life.

I confess I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to get physically involved in that situation. It’s worth noting that Williams-Tillman is African-American and the officer she rescued is white.

Second story: Seven-year-old Makenna Woodburn was in line to get a baseball autographed by Boston Red Sox players when she spotted a woman in an Army reserve uniform standing off to the side. Makenna left the line and took her baseball to the army reservist to autograph instead.

The reservist commented, ““This little girl, she proved to me that what I’m doing in life is okay and I’m doing something that’s good enough.”

Knowing there are people like Vickie Williams-Tillman and Makenna Woodburn in this world fills me with hope for the future.