A positive attitude earns you many rewards, from better negotiation results to better health. People often have “good luck” because they’re optimistic.

In one experiment, subjects were instructed to walk a particular route to a coffee shop. Some money was placed in their path. Optimists spotted and retrieved the cash; pessimists walked right by it without noticing. Apparently, when we expect good things, we are more alert to their presence, and therefore, more likely to take advantage of them.

Recently, I put the picture you see here, my little friend Sophie, right in the middle of my computer desktop. Now, every time I start the computer or close another window, Sophie looks me right in the eye. What an instant mood booster!

What can you put on your desktop or screen saver to instantly propel you into a positive frame of mind? It could be a funny cartoon, an inspirational quote, or a picture of your grandchild. Send us your ideas, and Sophie will choose the winner.

And now, Sophie has a special message for you: “Did you know that Aunt Margaret wrote a story about me? It’s called ‘The Package,’ and it’s in her book, Love on the Rocks with a Twist. I hope you will read about what a brave dog I was.”