My latest book is nearing publication!!! I recently uploaded the manuscript of Love on the Rocks with a Twist to the publisher and, with their help and advice, selected my interior design features–layout, fonts and fleurons. Now the ball is in their court. I’m told that, in about a month, I should receive a proof to review.

Meanwhile, I’ve written the copy I want on the back cover, which includes a wonderful quote from Chris Rogers:

“Best known for her excellent work in consensus building and communication skills, Margaret Anderson shows us the humorously knotty situations characters get into when love goes awry. Entertaining stories with valuable discourse tips.”

Chris Rogers, bestselling author of Here Lies a Wicked Man and other mysteries

Chris is one of the best writers I know. She has been my teacher and is still my number one critiquing partner. I’ve lost track of how many books she’s written–several different mystery/thriller series, anthologies of short stories, and a number of nonfiction books about how to write. The most recent of these is a short, user-friendly work on writing memoirs. I’m extremely proud to have her endorsement for Love on the Rocks with a Twist.

Once I receive the proof, we will know how many pages in the book, and therefore, how thick it be. Then, my wonderful cover designer John R. Bockelman can complete the full cover design—front, spine and back.

I hope to have both the print and Kindle versions on sale by mid March. Thanks to all you blog readers who have encouraged to me along the way.

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