A belated “Happy New Year” and many thanks to my readers for your patience with my longer than usual midwinter break.

You may remember that, early in 2015, I posted a blog article about my experiment with an idea I had read about. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I set up a large jar and, throughout the year, jotted down on slips of paper good things that happened, good people who affected my life, all kinds of good stuff. I folded the paper slips and put them in my jar. It gave me a life to see that jar gradually filling up. To celebrate 2015 and usher in the new year, I opened the jar and read all those little slips of paper.

I am happy to report that this was an indescribably wonderful experience. I truly believe that the process of looking for the good things in life, writing them down and putting them in the jar boosted my health and well-being throughout the year. But reading all of my notes at the end of the year was a truly sublime experience.

Plus, as I predicted in that earlier blog, the positivity of this exercise inspired my work and made it easier for me to practice the counterintuitive communication skills I teach, even in the most challenging of my own real life interactions.

I definitely intend to repeat this practice in 2016, this time, using a prettily decorated positivity box with a slot cut into the lid. I recommend that you all do the same.

Here’s to a positive 2016 for us all.