We recently welcomed a new face to our family gatherings, a maltepoo (combination Maltese and poodle) named Sophie. She often provides live entertainment for us.

I had already decided to feature a dog character in one of the final stories I’m writing for my anthology Love on the Rocks—with a Twist. I was drafting the story with a setter named Ginger. But after meeting Sophie, I knew she was the dog for this tale. And, unlike a human, Sophie won’t complain if I describe her endearing quirks just as they are in real life, and even use her actual name.

You’ll enjoy reading how Sophie invents her own exercise program, including some moves I call her “kooky pup” routine. And then there’s her “parrot perch” and her “froggy flop.”
Sophie bed

However, Sophie provides more than simple entertainment in the story “Pygmalion…Not.” She plays an important role in the climax of the story.

My only disappointment is that, being the perfectionist I am, I can’t finish this story and get the book on the market instantly so that all my readers can enjoy Sophie’s antics on the page as much as I do in real life.