Good news! I’ve added three new pages to my website.

First, a “Resources” page that you can access from the purple pointer at the lower left of my homepage. You’ll find an annotated bibliography that lists not only my own works, but also a select group of the books by other authors that I have actually used most in embellishing my own skills and educational materials. I have commented on each of these books and provided links to the books on Amazon.

Second, I’ve added a page about my soon-to-be-published book Love on the Rocks–with a Twist. You can access this page by clicking on the “Books” menu button, then selecting “Love on the Rocks” from the drop-down list.
My regular blog readers already know about this exciting new approach, combining the best short stories I’ve written in the past (including one award winner) with study notes on the skills, or lack thereof, demonstrated by the characters. Now, on the new webpage, you can read a few lines about each of the stories.

Third, there’s a page about my newest project, A Persuasive PI, likewise accessible from the “Books” drop down menu. A Persuasive PI features private investigator, Liz Brian, who uses the persuasion and communication skills I teach in her work. I’ve already drafted about 17,000 words of this new book, and you can read the current draft of the opening prequel on the new webpage.

I invite you all to explore these new pages, and as always, I welcome feedback.