I have written in the past about the importance of a positive or optimistic attitude when approaching a consensus seeking conversation, or any other important endeavor for that matter. People tend to live up, or down, to the expectations they sense from us. Moreover, we ourselves live up or down to such expectations.

I recently read another article supporting one I mentioned in a previous blog, specifically, supporting the concept that one way to rewire a negativity bias is to take a few moments, several times a day, to focus on something positive. Settle into, and relish, the good feelings the positive event or sensation inspire.

This week, I want to share a resource for finding good things to focus on, an e-zine called “The Good News Network.” They report only positive news stories. Today, for example, the site reports that the first black South African billionaire has donated his fortune to the poor. Another article tells us that George Clooney, concerned that he and his party had been too loud at a restaurant, picked up the tab for strangers at a nearby table. On a lighter note, a group of four men started a game of tag in high school and have kept it up for twenty years, flying around the world to surprise one another at unlikely moments, and in the process, staying in touch.

I have checked out other free online good news sites, but find the subject matter and caliber of the articles on The Good News Network well worth the modest annual subscription fee. And you can get a thirty-day free trial subscription.

This is the first time I have ever recommended a third-party for-pay product or service on this blog, and I have no financial interest in this e-zine, so you know I think it is something special. I’ll be interested to learn whether my readers agree.