Bridges to Consensus

“Margaret Anderson was instrumental in helping me hone my skills so that I could sort out, get clear, select, and land a “practically perfect” new business opportunity for the next leg of my career as a wealth advisor. Determining broad interests and a “walk-away position” before the interviews and negotiations gave me tremendous power and the freedom to totally be myself. Kudos to Margaret.” – Kay Hieronymus, Certified financial planner

This core workshop, Bridges to Consensus offers an efficient toolkit of essential skills that can meld diverse perspectives into mutual decisions, resolve disagreements, and boost acceptable agreements to outstanding breakthroughs.

We all experience times when our needs seem to run counter to the requests of someone we want, or need, to deal with in the future—at work, religious and civic organizations, or home.  Do you sacrifice your needs in the interest of “getting along”?  Do you dig in your heels and risk the relationship?  Do you avoid interactions you fear will be conflicted, thus leaving decisions to more aggressive people?  Do you lash out in frustration, then feel guilty?  There is a better alternative, one that earns you more of what you need from others.  This ethical consensus system not only gets your needs met, it’s also the way you’ll want others in your group to work with you.

Trainees learn to:

  • Identify the needs that are really driving people
  • Create optimized solutions that work for all
  • Communicate persuasively
  • Deal with hostility
  • Decide when to keep talking and when to walk away
  • Reach sustainable closure


  • Small groups to maximize hands-on learning
  • Cycles of presentation, practical applications and discussion
  • Variety of group activities, paired exercises, and expert demonstrations
  • Customized handouts and worksheets that facilitate future use of the system

This course will change the way you deal with others, teaching you how to get what you need and build bridges.