About Consensus Building

“My life has gone much more smoothly since taking your class.  Be it a discussion with…or a coworker, there is less stress and more preferable results.  I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all of the wisdom that you imparted…. It was a tremendous experience to get to see the power of this system.” – Christy Hanson-Theis
, Management Professional

Harmonize Divergent Views

Create the Best Solutions

Minimize Conflict and Resolve It When It Does Occur

In any healthy group, disagreements will arise.  No one sees the entire picture or has all the answers. People can even share principles like honesty, respect and compassion, but differ on what those traits actually look like in practice.  Divergent views can lead to optimized decisions or crippling conflicts, depending on how people deal with those views. Some sacrifice their interests on the altar of “playing nice,” only to burn out or drop out.  Others seem to run over their fellow members like steamrollers.  And none of these achieve the best solutions to their own needs, much less the best group results.  They need pragmatic, hands-on skills to implement their principles.

Contrary to common belief, the best approach is not a lukewarm compromise between unethical tactics and surrender, but rather a paradigm shift.  Surprisingly, the most effective consensus and communication techniques are also compatible with high ethical standards.  And they’re fun to learn.

Course developer and trainer Margaret Anderson brings to the table decades of actual use of the skills she teaches. Her many and varied real-world examples make theory come alive.

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