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  1. Greed, Envy and Consensus Building.
  2. Corporate training: Bridges to Consensus.
  3. “Mid-Course Corrections,” audio link.
  4. “Defense against the Dark Arts of Persuasion.”

Love on the Rocks with a Twist

Signing Love on the Rocks with a Twist

1. Margaret presented “Greed, Envy and Consensus Building” for Houston Focus on Concerns for Women on March 28, 2018. This short presentation is one of Margaret’s favorites, using prehistoric characters Lucy, Ethel, Larry, Curly and Moe to illustrate why humans evolved greed and envy, and why they often backfire on us in modern times.

2. Margaret presented a “Bridges to Consensus” training course for ExxonMobil and XTO Energy industrial hygienists on May 26, 2017. She notes, “Great group. They were such fun to work with.” Want to schedule a course for your group? Start here. Or click here for info on custom training.

3. To hear Margaret present “Mid-Course Corrections,” click hereJust when you think you’ve found your direction, your focus, life can spin you around. Margaret shares some of her own turning point stories and offers tips for dealing with the unexpected changes in your life.

4. Margaret presented “Defense against the Dark Arts of Persuasion” for Houston Focus on Concerns for Women on Jan. 25, 2017. Though the food at Sorrento Italian Restaurant was exceptional, the presentation left the audience hungry for more—more tips for defending themselves against compliance professionals, such as marketers, propagandists, and even cult leaders, who influence us below our conscious radar screens.

5. A text version of Margaret’s presentation, “Navigating Cultural Differences We Never Knew We Had,” at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly 2013 is posted on the UUA website, along with the session handout. Click here to read.