Master Bridge Builders

Harmonizing divergent views produces better results for all concerned.  But how do we go about it?  Principles such as respect, compassion and honesty are not always enough.  In fact, our divergent views include our very understandings of these principles.  One person believes “compassion” requires giving in to another. The other’s well-intentioned “honesty,” in turn, strikes her ears as “disrespect.”  Add a third person, a fourth, throw different cultures and personalities into the mix, and the challenges increase exponentially.  When views diverge, we need both theoretical understanding and practical skills, reinforcing each other, to turn our principles into results.

“Working with Margaret helped me understand that conflict does not automatically have to mean confrontation. Now I know how to seek solutions that benefit both parties. The skills I learned from Margaret have helped me respond to conflict creatively and effectively, finding unexpected resolutions that are almost always an improvement over win-lose conflict negotiation.” – Anneliese Davis
, Senior Non-Profit Executive

Trainees learn:

  • A five-part interest-driven consensus system
  • Tools for creating breakthrough solutions
  • How to move beyond resolving conflict to optimizing the results
  • Tips for communicating with those of different temperaments and cultures
  • Tips for reaching consensus in larger groups


  • Expanded coverage of practical applications
  • Small groups to maximize hands-on learning
  • Customized handouts and worksheets
  • Special segments relating the skills to ethical values

Our most comprehensive workshop, Master Bridge Builders includes the complete Bridges to Consensus and Bridges to Clarity programs, and an introduction to Bridges in Community. Plus Master Bridge Builders includes more of those all-important practice sessions that turn knowledge into skill.