Bridges to Clarity

Miscommunications often masquerade as differences of opinion. And that’s good news. In Bridges to Clarity, you can learn to “translate” different conversational styles so you can nip such “differences” in the bud.

You already know which expressions are—and aren’t—politically correct.  You welcome those of different genders, races, nationalities and sexual orientations. But did you know that another kind of diversity may explain why you “just can’t get through” to certain people?  Diversity in communication style not only blocks communication, but worse, leads people to believe they’re on the same page when, in fact, they have very different notions of what was said.  You will enjoy learning to interpret other styles and help others understand you.

Trainees learn:

  • To decipher cultural differences in communication
  • How temperament affects communication
  • How different people deal with conflict
  • Pros and cons of enforcing communication ground rules
  • How to compensate for communication differences
  • Communication skills that build bridges
  • How to use communication diversity proactively


  • An entertaining “You-can’t-lose” quiz introduces communication diversity
  • Humorous characters help trainees remember four basic temperament types
  • A generic paradigm explains most cultural communication differences
  • A simple grid shows five conflict-coping styles

This course will help you look at others, and yourself, in new ways—ways that build bridges.

“Margaret does a great job teaching skills that will enhance your professional development—skills I never learned that would have helped me to get along better with both my superiors and staff throughout my practicing attorney years.  With those skills, I most likely would have…been saved from much grief all along the way.” – Rita Irani
, Ret’d Attorney