Bridges in Community

“The course was very interesting and learning the skill set in the classroom to apply in real life situations is invaluable. It’s definitely about taking what you learn and using it on a daily basis. I will miss coming to class.” – Anonymous Student Evaluation

Working groups—such as committees and even entire organizations—often misunderstand the process of reaching sustainable decisions.  Sensing an impasse, they may give up or give in to a decision that never works out in practice.  The Bridges in Community workshop shows how to use that impasse as a threshold to breakthrough thinking. When group members understand what it really takes to solve tricky problems and win their colleagues’ buy-in, their results are amazing.  This interactive program teaches the skills that increase efficiency and effectiveness, while helping teams bond.

Trainees learn:

  • How to move faster by slowing down
  • When not to think out of the box
  • How to think out of the box when you should
  • What seems like agreement, but isn’t
  • Why an apparent impasse is a good development
  • How to deal with “difficult people”
  • How gradient voting increases buy-in


  • Expert demonstrations
  • Group practice exercises
  • Wide variety of real-life success stories
  • Customized exercises and handouts

Recommended for those who have taken Bridges to Consensus, this course will open your eyes to new possibilities for group performance.