Training Programs

Our training programs are true workshops with group activities that move participants beyond mere knowledge to hands-on skill.  Many programs also include expert demonstrations applying these skills to realistic situations. Workshops provide safe environments to practice and experiment in hypothetical situations, so trainees feel confident using the skills in their own real lives.

“Thank you. It was a pleasure attending your class. It taught me to ask ‘Why?’ when I am trying to resolve an issue. I learned a lot and am happy I had the opportunity to take your class.” – Lee Dudinsky, Registered investment adviser, Advanced Chartered Benefit Consultant

Margaret Anderson personally designs and delivers each program. This means every client benefits from her years of experience in using the skills she teaches.

Training can be structured and utilized in many ways:

  • Retreats
  • Fundraisers
  • Intensive weekend programs
  • Series spanning several weeks
  • Outreach programs

Choose from:

Or let Margaret Customize a course just for you.