Conflict Management

Resolution – System Design – Prevention

Why would a group with good leaders use outside conflict management services? Even the best of people develop disagreements and controversies.  Well-trained leaders can ably facilitate resolution of many conflicts.  In some cases, however, outside help is a good investment.  Consider just a few potential problems when group leaders facilitate difficult meetings:

  • A leader keeps the tone of a meeting kind and civil.  Later, more controversies arise because some people felt uncomfortable expressing negative feelings
  • No matter what the leader says or does, (s)he can be accused of playing favorites
  • The leader appears neutral, but only by suppressing her/his own views on the matter, views that could benefit the entire group
  • And of course, if the controversy involves the leader, all the above difficulties increase exponentially

A conflict management professional, seen as neutral by all concerned, can help a group resolve such situations before they spin out of control, preventing a painful rift followed by a year or more of costly interventions.

An experienced dispute resolution professional, with special training in church mediations, Margaret Anderson can facilitate or mediate resolution of disagreements before they grow.  She can also design, teach, and help implement a customized protocol for resolving future disagreements with a minimum of outside assistance.