Great news!

On June 18, I will participate in an online panel discussion on “Vision.” My topic is “When Life Hands Your Vision Lemons, Make Lemonade.”

This educational event is presented by the Federation of Houston Professional Women (FHPW). [1] Update 6-17-20: I have just learned that the Federation will record the panel discussion. So if you can’t watch it in real time, please register anyway. Then, you will receive a link by email to watch the recording.

Unlike for FHPW’s usual summer continuing education lunches, because of COVID19 precautions, you don’t have to live anywhere near Houston to watch the panel online. Click here to read more and/or to register.

A Brief Preview

The educational series will include four panel discussions on vision. I will be participating in the first.

I will explain how the very same skills and ways of thinking that I teach for building consensus, can also help you make your own life decisions. They help you adjust the details of your vision, when life throws it a lemon, while remaining true to the essence of the vision itself.

I will tell the true story of my vision for my latest book project–Working title “Talking about Touchy Topics,” the lemons life has tossed it, so far, and how I found the sugar and ice cubes to make lemonade. That is to say, when I encountered a potential problem, I adjusted my vision to make the book even better than I had previously imagined. And I did this by using the same skills I teach for dealing with others.

And I will also tell about how life handed my book vision, not a lemon, but a sweet, juicy little Texas hill country peach.

My true story will also give you an overview of what the book-in-progress is all about. Indeed, the book itself is an example of the “both..and” way of thinking I teach.

I am especially eager to spread the word about this panel discussion and my part in it. So please share this post with everyone you think might be interested, and remember, they do not need to live near Houston to “attend.”


[1] FHPW is an umbrella organization whose whose members are other Houston area women’s organizations. All individual members of the member organizations are, automatically, members of the Federation. And all guests, of any gender or locale, are always welcome to their educational events.