Bridges to Consensus – Rev. Henley’s Review

Bridges to Consensus – in Congregations
by Margaret E. Anderson

What makes Bridges a powerful consensus-building and communication guide for churches, is its knowledge of church dynamics. It lends itself specifically to church issues, while making itself significantly useful for understanding communications in any organizational system. It is easy to see how it can address the needs of an advanced communications class in any seminary or university.

Very few books offer churches this thorough an accounting of church interpersonal communication dynamics. It offers real solutions to the challenges of those dynamics.

My suggestion is that every religious leader needs to internalize the values in Bridges just as they internalize the beliefs of the Koran, Bible, Tao Te Ching, or whatever text of their faith.

The thoroughness and thoughtfulness of Anderson’s work is unsurpassed in today’s proliferation of “How to Communicate” publications.