A Persuasive PI

Bridges Between People - by Margaret Anderson

Bridges Between People – by Margaret Anderson

In the works for 2016-17 the adventures of a private investigator who builds bridges between people, rather than burning them.

Like Love on the Rocks–with a Twist,  A Persuasive PI combines Margaret Anderson’s professional knowledge of interactional skills with her top quality fiction writing.

If protagonist Liz Brian, private investigator, were a real live person, she’d be Margaret’s favorite student. She’s a master practitioner of persuasion, consensus building and communication skills. Liz specializes in locating missing or estranged persons. Highly ethical, she never reveals the location of someone she’s found unless that person agrees that reuniting would be in her or his best interest.

Liz deftly persuades uncooperative, even hostile, people to open up to her. And when things turn dangerous, she uses her skills to snatch her bacon from the fire. Not that persuasion is always easy. On the contrary, Liz works hard. But she succeeds where hard-nosed investigators would give up or fail. For reasons unknown, a deputy constable makes matters more difficult, inserting himself under Liz’s elbows at the most inconvenient moments.

Recently, Liz hired an assistant, her twenty-two-year-old nephew Reggie Marshall, whose enthusiasm is matched only by his voracious appetite. He’s fast becoming as skillful as his aunt.

Readers can learn Liz’s persuasion, consensus and communication skills along with Reggie, all while enjoying her stories. Additional study notes will be published in a separate volume.

The book opens with:

Dec. 5, 2009

Dr. Edward Bennett wasn’t about to drive when he was rattled. He spent too much time repairing the bones of distracted drivers. And at this moment, Ed felt so angry he’d bet his blood pressure had shot up to 160/100.

The squeak of his shoes as he paced his office wasn’t helping one bit. He ruled himself to sit down at his desk and catch up on paperwork, or rather, computer work until he had calmed down.

When Ed finally entered the nearly deserted physician’s floor of the parking garage, he maintained his calm by recalling last week’s Masterpiece Mystery program, getting it fresh in mind for tonight’s episode. Picturing a racy scene, he began devising ways to keep his son busy elsewhere tonight while he watched TV. Crayons and paper on the kitchen table? No, the little fellow would bob into the living room to show Daddy what he’d drawn during the most unsuitable scenes.

Ed cut diagonally across empty lanes toward his own reserved space. Let his son invite a neighbor over to play upstairs in his room? Nah, it would be too late by the time Ed got his show started.

A few yards from his car, he pressed the door-open button on his remote. Simultaneously with the beep he heard…What? Couple of quick steps behind him? Before he could check, crack, something hit the back of his head knocking him to his knees. Dizzy, he collapsed face forward.

Play dead, or turn to look? The split-second decision felt like it took ten minutes. Turn. Ed rolled onto his left side. Thunk a hard blow to his right kidney. Now the guy was kicking. Protect the head. He rolled back onto his stomach, covered his head with his hands. Black spots swam before his eyes. Whack. Whack, two stomps, again to the kidneys. He heard his teeth crunch together. Then, lights out.

In March 2014, Dr. Ed Bennet’s parents hire Liz and Reggie to locate their daughter Florence. But what, if anything, does the attack on Edward have to do with his sister’s disappearance? How can Liz and Reggie find Florence without putting her in danger? And will Reggie eat his dear Aunt Liz out of house and home before they complete the job?

Watch for publication of A Persuasive PI to learn the answers.

Note: Suitable for both adults and teens. No explicit sex or gore.

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